When you are not a holiday rental marketer. Surviving Your Vacation Rental Business over Covid.

When you are not a holiday rental marketer. Surviving Your Vacation Rental Business over Covid.

10 Tips to increase your holiday rental bookings also during Covid,When you are not a marketer. Surviving Your Vacation Rental Business over Covid-19.
Many owners simply advertise on one big listing site, and then don’t look at it for a whole year until it’s time to update their rates. While this might bring in a couple of bookings, you will soon lose out to the competing holiday rental that has a thorough marketing strategy in place. Think of your holiday home as a business and as such, it needs a proper marketing strategy. Marketing is a continual process, not an annual event. You have to spend money to make money. This may well start with advertising on dominant holiday lettings websites to get going, but should continue with publishing your property at niche websites, such as BedandBreakfast.Directory, GiteBnB.Com and GiteBnB.Org, but also developing your own website, and expand into using social media and rental agents. We can assist you in the creation of your website and will also provide you with a booking calendar on your website where visitors can make reservations for your property. You should certainly be looking at building an email list, and keep in touch with your past guests and enquirers by blogging and sending out regular newsletters.

Bed and Breakfast Marketing Factors To Consider:

  • Adjust Off-Season Prices
  • Lower your Minimum Nights
  • Offer Promotions
  • Identify Potential Guests
  • Be Aware of Public Holidays and market your property to receive bookings within these local holidays (email campaign, local advertising, your website, your bedandbrekafast.directory listings, etc.)
  • Give Reasons for Guests to Stay at your Property
  • Update Your Holiday Rental Home
  • Prepare everything such that you are ready when (COVID-19) times are back to normal again and for the Next Season...
  • Continue to keep your property operational to make the most of any short-notice bookings.
  • Accept bookings now subject to your definitive confirmation to your booking client the moment Covid-19 control allows you to receive guests
  • Allow reservations with no cancellation charge. Important is that you fill your bookings/reservations agenda. Build a surplus of bookings and email booked clients the moment you can re-open for business and see who is coming first.
  • Consider lowering your rates, so you remain competitive. People are still keen for a bargain – even, or especially, in moments of crisis. You’ll fill vacancies if your prices are attractive and competitive.
  • Consider offering promotions and other discounts for long-term stays.
  • Use marketing tools to communicate with customers and let them know that you’re doing everything in your power to keep things running as normal. Tell them that you understand their worries and reassure them about your commitments to hygiene and security.
  • Consider what actions you can take to attract national (or domestic) travelers to your rentals. Are there local marketplaces you’re not a part of yet? Perhaps focus on more traditional marketing tactics like local newspapers ads or national directories.

Listing at Online OTA's and Your Website

Allow booking client to save money making online vacation rental bookings but not exclusively through your bank account

It is always easy to suggest to you to reduce your rates but quite often your rates are competitive at any rate and there is not much room left for further reductions. You can save a lot of money though for your clients by pointing them to the right way to book their holiday rental. There’s a catch when your client book their vacation with one of the big OTAs (Online Travel Agencies, like Airbnb, Booking.Com, TripAdvisor, etc.): they are paying extra cash they wouldn’t otherwise have to spend for the privilege of doing so. Online travel agencies charge vacationers unnecessary extra fees and commission, sometimes even 25%, on top of their rental costs, which could increase the total rental costs for you by a significant amount. Many potential booking prospects hesitate therefore to book with you when you offer your property through the likes of Airbnb, Booking.Com, TripAdvisor, etc. because they know they pay more than when they would book with you directly. You should offer your booking prospects alternative booking tools that do not charge commissions, like your own website or BedandBreakfast.Directory, GiteBnB.Com and GiteBnB.Org. The problem with your own website probably will be that it cannot offer the coverage, penetration, of the market as you are hoping for. BedandBreakfast.Directory, GiteBnB.Com and GiteBnB.Org offer you unlimited bookings and reservation with no additional fees or charges. Owners receive unlimited bookings and reservations for their properties against a small advertisement fee of $90 annually.

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